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In a class of its own

Before our eyes are an array of condiment bowls. They are filled with various ingredients – some familiar, many exotic and colourful. Teaching chef Ms Vy explains, one by one, how each of the vegetables and herbs are used to create everyday Vietnamese or ‘street food’ cuisine. But for us Westerners, this is nothing less than a gourmet experience for the palate, made all the more inspirational because we are learning the art of cooking it for ourselves.

The Morning Glory cooking school has garnered a well-deserved reputation over the years and was the first cooking school established in Hoi An. Owner and founder Ms Trinh Diem Vy is a third generation chef and native of Hoi An whose cooking classes have featured in various publications around the world. The classes became so popular Ms Vy decided to open a larger more modern school which is now located at The Market Restaurant. A highly passionate individual, Ms Vy has created four cooking class programs to suit all types of interested gastronomes; from beginner, to amateur, to professional.

cooking_class with Ms Vy